**Prices reflect monthly charges- classes are held weekly**


Registration fee: $20 per student
One class (30 min): $40/month
One class (45 min): $55/month
One class (1 hr): $60/month
One class (1.25 hrs): $65/month
One class (1.5 hrs): $70/month

Unlimited Tuition ages 7-10: $200/month
Unlimited Tuition Teen, Int/Adv: $275/month

Additional classes: $5 discount

Drop-ins: $12 for 30 min class, $14 for 45 min class, $15 for an hour class, $18 for 1.5 hours
College Discount: $12 for hour, $15 for 1.5 hours

Tuition is due by the 25th of the month and is considered late as of the 1st.

Tuition can be paid by semester (September-December and January-June). There is a 5% discount for accounts paid ahead of time. Tuition is nonrefundable.