Dress Code

Please read the following guidelines for attire for dancers enrolled in our classes:


  • All classes require pink tights and pink ballet shoes
  • Hair must be in a pulled back, clean bun for girls.
  • Ages 7+ canvas ballet shoes only.
  • Skirts OK for classes. Ages 7+ no skirts after barre work.
  • Please no attached skirts with leotards.

Ballet (3-4 yrs): Light pink short sleeved leotard
Ballet/Tap I (5-6 yrs): Light blue camisole leotard
Ballet/Tap II (5-6 yrs): Pink camisole leotard
Ballet/Tap III (5-6 yrs): Lavender camisole leotard
Ballet I (7-10 yrs) and Ballet I (6-8 yr olds): Royal camisole leotard
Ballet II (7-10 yrs): Berry camisole leotard
Teen Ballet I: Burgundy camisole leotard
Teen Ballet II and Int/Adv Ballet: Any color/style leotard. Skirts OK
Boys (all ages): White T-shirt, black shorts and white or black ballet shoes

All classes require proper footwear 
Ages 7-10: Nude Foot Undiez
Teen+ Bloch Spin II Modern Shoe
Form fitting, athletic clothing
Hair out of face (bun or ponytail)

Knees must be covered at all times
Proper shoes that protect the ankle. No slip-ons
NO STREET SHOES! Please bring a separate pair of clean sneakers for class.
High-tops and dance sneakers highly encouraged

Form fitting, athletic clothing
Black jazz shoes
Hair out of face (bun or ponytail)

Form-fitting, athletic clothing
Lace-up tap shoes
Hair out of face (bun or ponytail)



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